YX8018 PDF Datenblatt – Solar LED driver datasheet

Teilenummer : YX8018

This LED driver is four pin voltage boosting integrated circuit marked YX8018.

YX8018 Pinout

YX8018 Pinout


This is more or less just a gated oscillator which runs at approximately 200 KHz driving an open drain NMOS switch ( output on pin1 ).


YX8018 YX8019 Circuit


1. High efficiency: 80 to 90% (typical), can take advantage of the solar cell
2. fewer external components: an inductor, a capacitor
3. input current adjustable: White (VIN: 2.5V, L = 120uH 14mA, L = 82uH 20mA)


YX8018 Circuit

YX8018 Circuit


YX8019 is one or two 1.25V charging current Stably lighting the LED. Light of the sun saw By charging that the charging battery hit the color battery, The point the LED in the rechargeable battery that is charged by at night Light, automatic switching.

YX8018 PDF

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