TT2206 Datenblatt – Vcbo=1600V, Vceo=800V, Ic=10A, Pc=65W

Teilenummer : TT2206

NPN Triple Diffused Planar Silicon Transistor.

Funktion is High Voltage Color Display Horizontal  Deflection Output.

Package : TO-3P MLH Type


1. High speed.
2. High breakdown voltage (Vcbo=1600V, Vceo=800V, Ic=10A, Pc=65W ).
3. High reliability (Adoption of HVP process).
4. Adoption of MBIT process.
5. On-chip damper diode.


The equivalent circuit  is 2SС5793, TT2202, JL6920, 2SC5446, FJAF6810, FJAF6820.

( TT2202 is Vcbo = 1500V, Vceo=800V )


Транзистор биполярный  (аналог 2SC5793)




Reference PDF :

#1 : Sanyo TT2202 datenblatt pdf

#2 : Sanyo 2SC5793 datenblatt pdf

#3 : Toshiba 2SC5446 datenblatt pdf

#4 : Fairchild FJAF6810 datenblatt pdf