TDA3653 Datenblatt – Philips 9-Lead SIL Package

Teilenummer : TDA3653, TDA3653B, TDA3653C

Function : Vertical deflection and guard circuit, The TDA3653B/C is a vertical deflection output circuit for drive of various deflection systems with currents up to 1.5 A peak-to-peak.

Image :

TDA3653B image

1. Driver
2. Output stage
3. Thermal protection and output stage protection
4. Flyback generator
5. Voltage stabilizer
6. Guard circuit


TDA3653 Datenblatt

TDA3653-Block Diagram


1. Output stage and protection circuit
Pin 5 is the output pin. The supply for the output stage is fed to pin 6 and the output stage ground is connected to pin 4.  The output transistors of the class-B output stage can each deliver 0.75 A maximum. The maximum voltage for pin 5 and 6 is 60 V. The output power transistors are protected such that their operation remains within the SOAR area. This is achieved by the co-operation of the thermal protection circuit, the current-voltage detector, the short-circuit protection and the special measures in the internal circuit layout.

2.Driver and switching circuit
Pin 1 is the input for the driver of the output stage. The signal at pin 1 is also applied via external resistors to pin 3 which is the input of a switching circuit. When the flyback starts, this switching circuit rapidly turns off the lower output stage and so limits the turn-off dissipation. It also allows a quick start of the flyback generator. External connection of pin 1 to pin 3 allows for applications in which the pins are driven separately.

3. Guard circuit
When there is no deflection current and the flyback generator is not activated, the voltage at pin 8 reduces to less than
1.8 V. The guard circuit will then produce a DC voltage at pin 7, which can be used to blank the picture tube and thus
prevent screen damage.

4. Voltage stabilizer
The internal voltage stabilizer provides a stabilized supply of 6 V to drive the output stage, which prevents the drive
current of the output stage being affected by supply voltage variations.

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