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Teilenummer : TA8083F


Hersteller : Toshiba

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TA8083F datenblatt

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The TA8083P、TA8083F contains two motor driver circuits with a current capacity of 0.5A for directly driving bidirectional DC motors. Inputs DI1 A / B and DI2 A / B are combined to select one of forward, reverse Stop, and brake modes. Since the inputs are TTL-Compatible, this IC can be controlled directly from a CPU or other control system. In addition, the IC also has a low standby current function, a self-diagnostic function, and various protective functions.

0.5A bidirectional DC motor driver.
Two circuits contained (power supply, self-diagnostic, and
protective functions provide for each channel)
Low standby current   : 0.1mA (Max.)
Self-diagnostic output   : short-circuit mode (1A Typ.)
Recommended operating supply voltage range  : VCC= 8 V to 16 V
Self-diagnostic output   : short-circuit mode (1A Typ.)
Protective functions   : Thermal-Shutdown, Short-Circuit Protection, and Over-voltage Shutdown
Built-in counter electromotive force absorption diodes.
DIP 16pin plastic package   (TA8083P)
HSOP 20pin power flat package  (TA8083F)

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