SSD2828QN4 Datenblatt PDF

Teilenummer : SSD2828QN4

Function : Display Interface Controller / MIPI Master Bridge Chip / SSD2828

Hersteller : Solomon Systech

Pinout :

SSD2828QN4 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

  • Support up to total of 4Gbps over the serial link
  • Support up to 4 data lanes
  • Number of signals is significantly reduced when compare to traditional RGB transfer
  • Support up to 1920 pixels per display row in Video mode, up to 60hz refresh rate
  • Support up to 2560 pixels per display row in Video mode, up to 30hz refresh rate
  • Reduce power consumption and decrease EMI by using low amplitude signal over differential pair for serial data.
  • Support parallel RGB interface (DPI 2.0) up to 24-bits
  • Support serial SPI interface (DBI 2.0) up to 16-bits

Datenblatt PDF Download

SSD2828QN4 pdf

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