MSP3415G Datenblatt PDF

Teilenummer : MSP3415G

Function : NICAM and FM stereo (A2) version

Hersteller : Micronas

Pinout :

MSP3415G datenblatt

Beschreibung :

1. Introduction
The MSP 34x5G family of single-chip Multistandard Sound Processors covers the sound processing of all
analog TV standards worldwide, as well as the NICAM digital sound standards. The full TV sound processing,
starting with analog sound IF signal-in, down to processed analog AF-out, is performed in a single chip.
Figure 1–1 shows a simplified functional block diagram of the MSP 34x5G.

These TV sound processing ICs include versions for processing the multichannel television sound (MTS)
signal conforming to the standard recommended by the Broadcast Television Systems Committee (BTSC).
The DBX noise reduction, or alternatively, Micronas Noise Reduction (MNR) is performed alignment free.

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