MAX708 Datenblatt PDF

Teilenummer : MAX708

Function : (MAX707 / MAX708) uP Supervisory Circuits / Micro8 and SOIC−8 package

Hersteller : ON Semiconductor

Pinout :

MAX708 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The MAX707/708 are cost−effective system supervisor circuits designed to monitor VCCin digital systems and provide a reset signal to the host processor when necessary. No external components are required.

The reset output is driven active within 20 sec of VCC falling through the reset voltage threshold. Reset is maintained with 200 mS of delay time after VCCrise above the reset threshold. The
MAX707/708 have a low quiescent current of 12 at VCC= 3.3 V, an active−high RESET and active−low RESETwith a push−pull output. The output is guaranteed valid down to VCC= 1.0 V. The
MAX707/708 have a Manual Reset MRinput and a +1.25 V threshold detector for power−fail input PFI. These devices are available in a Micro8 and SOIC−8 package.

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MAX708 pdf

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