LM78L05ACZ Datenblatt PDF

Teilenummer : LM78L05ACZ

Funktion :3-Terminal 0.1 A Positive Voltage Regulator

Hersteller : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinout :
LM78L05ACZ datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The MC78LXXA / LM78LXXA series of fixed-voltage monolithic integrated circuit voltage regulators are suitable for applications that required supply current up to 100 mA.

• Maximum Output Current of 100 mA
• Output Voltage of 5 V, 6 V, 8 V, 12 V, and 15 V
• Thermal Overload Protection
• Short-Circuit Current Limiting
• Output Voltage Offered in ±5% Tolerance

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LM78L05ACZ pdf

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