LM3554 Datenblatt PDF

Teilenummer : LM3554

Function : LM3554 Synchronous Boost Converter with 1.2A Dual High Side LED Drivers and I2C Compatible Interface

Hersteller : Texas Instruments

Pinout :

LM3554 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The LM3554 is a 2MHz fixed frequency, current mode synchronous boost converter. The device is
designed to operate as a dual 600mA (1.2A total) constant-current driver for high-current white LEDs, or as a regulated 4.5V or 5V voltage source.

The dual high-side current sources allow for grounded cathode LED operation. An adaptive regulation method ensures the current source for each LED remains in regulation and maximizes efficiency.

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LM3554 pdf

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