IDT74FCT543ATEB Datenblatt PDF

Teilenummer : IDT74FCT543ATEB

Function : Fast CMOS octal latched transceiver

Hersteller : Integrated Device Technology

Pinout :

IDT74FCT543ATEB datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The FCT543T is a non-inverting octal transceiver built using an advanced
dual metal CMOS technology. This device contains two sets of eight D-type
latches with separate input and output controls for each set. For data flow
from A to B, for example, the A-to-B Enable (CEAB) input must be low in order
to enter data from A0–A7or to take data from B0–B7, as indicated in the
Function Table. With CEABlow, a low signal on the A-to-B Latch Enable
(LEAB) input makes the A-to-B latches transparent; a subsequent low-to
high transition of the LEABsignal puts the A latches in the storage mode and
their outputs no longer change with the A inputs. With CEABand OEABboth
low, the 3-state B output buffers are active and reflect the data present at the
output of the A latches. Control of data from B to A is similar, but uses the
CEBA, LEB Aand OEBAinputs.

• A, C, and D grades
• Low input and output leakage ≤1µA (max.)
• CMOS power levels
• True TTL input and output compatibility:
–VOH= 3.3V (typ.)
–VOL= 0.3V (typ.)
• High Drive outputs (-15mA IOH, 64mA IOL)
• Meets or exceeds JEDEC standard 18 specifications
• Power off disable outputs permit „live insertion“
• Available in SOIC and QSOP packages

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