FGPF4633 Datenblatt PDF

Teilenummer : FGPF4633

Function : FGPF4633 / TO-220F Package / 330 V PDP Trench IGBT

Hersteller : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinout :

FGPF4633 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

Using novel trench IGBT technology, Fairchild’s new series of trench IGBTs offer the optimum performance for consumer appliances, PDP TV and lighting applications where low conduction and switching losses are essential.

• High Current Capability

• Low Saturation Voltage: V CE(sat) = 1.55 V @ IC= 70 A

• High Input Impedance

• Fast Switching

• RoHS Compliant



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FGPF4633 pdf

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