AQY272 Datenblatt PDF – 60V, 2A, Photo MOS – Panasonic

Teilenummer : AQY272

Function : PhotoMOS PD 1 Form A ( 60V, 2A )

Hersteller : Panasonic Corporation

Pinout :

AQY272 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

Flat Power-DIP4-pin type with high capacity up to 2A load current


1. Flat-Packaged type
(W) 8.8 ×(D) 9.3 ×(H) 3.9 mm
(W) .346 ×(D) .366 ×(H) .154 inch

2. High capacity of continuous load current 2A (AQY272)

3. High sensitivity and low on resistance
Max. 2A load can be controlled with 5mA
input current. The on-resistance is low at
typ. 0.11Ω(AQY272).


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AQY272 pdf

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