ADS6608A4A-75 Datenblatt PDF

Teilenummer : ADS6608A4A-75

Function : 133 Mhz LVTTL synchronous DRAM, 2M x 8 bit x 4 banks / 400mil 54pin TSOPII

Hersteller : A-Data Technology

Pinout :

ADS6608A4A-75 datenblatt

Beschreibung :

The ADS6608A4Aare four-bank Synchronous DRAMsorganized as 2,097,152 words x8 bitsx4 banks.
Synchronous design allowsprecise cycle control with the use of system clock I/Otransactions are possible on everyclock cycle.

Range of operating frequencies, programmable burst length and programmable latencies allowthe
same device to be useful for a varietyof high bandwidth high performance memorysystem applications


* JEDECstandard LVTTL3.3V power supply
* MRS Cycle with address keyprograms
   – CAS Latency(2 & 3)
   – Burst Length (1,2,4,8,& full page)
  – Burst Type (sequential & Interleave)
* 4 banks operation
* All inputs are sampled at the positive edge of the system clock
* Burst Read single write operation
* Auto & Self refresh
* 4096 refresh cycle
* DQMformasking
* Package:54-pins 400 mil TSOP-Type II

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