30F131, GT30F131 Datenblatt – 360V, 200A – Toshiba IGBT

Teilenummer : 30F131, GT30F131 Datenblatt

Hersteller :Toshiba

IGBT GT30F131 Marking is 30F131.

30F131 is 360V, 200A, 140W and TO-220SM(MXN) Package.
30F131 toshiba

IGBT(6th generation) for plasma display panels

30F131 Pinout

Plasma Display Panel Applications

Parallel MOSFETs have been used for the drive circuitry of plasma display panels (PDPs). Recently, however, IGBTs are commonly used in large current applications due to their superior current conduction capability.

GT30F131 Datenblatt

IGBTs combine the MOSFET advantage of high input impedance with the bipolar transistor
advantage of high-voltage drive. The conductivity modulation characteristics of a bipolar transistor make it ideal for load control applications that require high breakdown voltage and high current. Toshiba offers a family of fast switching IGBTs, which are low in carrier injection and recombination in carrier.

30F131 datenblatt

Download :  [ Datenblatt.pdf ]